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Support Group

There is a Support Group that meets approximately every 3 months where members share their experiences of their ST journey.  

Some member stories are on the Testimonials page of this website.  Click here for the Testimonials page.

Details of the next Support Group meeting can be found on the meetings page of this website.    Click here for the meeting page.

If you would like to talk to someone regarding ST, please contact us 


Pharmaceutical Benefits (PBS) Botulinum Toxin New Arrangements from 1 SEP 2015

It has been announced that from September 2015 there will be new arrangements on how the Botulinum Toxin will be prescribed and received. A range of delivery options will be open to specialists, depending on the practice location so it is important to confirm with the clinic or Hospital you attend how the Toxin will be supplied. A patient co-payment will be charged each time the toxin is supplied.

For those who are having Botox treatment and want to know how it will affect you, you will be best to ask the clinic or hospital you attend to provide more info and their procedures. If you attend the Alfred Hospital Melbourne Neuroscience (EEG/EMG) Department for Botox Treatment, the changes are effective as of September and a script will be dispensed. The Botulinum Toxin will be dispensed from the Hospital Pharmacy however patients will not be handling the toxin.  That is, it will be dispensed direct to your neurologist or the clinic.  There will be a co-payment.


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